Treat Your Tastebuds to the Museum of Ice Cream – Borrowing Britain

As a purveyor of fine desserts and all things pink, you can bet your bottom dollar I got myself a ticket to the pop-up Museum of Ice Cream in Miami. Aside from the curious local, it was a millennial Instagrammer fest in there. After all, it’s got puns, oversized fruit swings and lots of real desserts stationed throughout (fo’ free). Paradise!

Honestly, it gets an honorable mention as its own bubbled fairytale village. My friend Brittany (who is equally as loco as I am) made the 3.5 hr drive down from Oralndo with me for this exact activity. Well, we did get brunch at Morgan’s right before! It was awesome sauce.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m very picky with my sweets, but I found Heaven in this frosty mecca. First in the sprinkle pool. Then in the American diner replica straight out of a Barbie dream life box. That’s where I found the mini frosty cups (with a cherry on top!)

There’s only going up as you walk through the interactive exhibits. Literally 4 stories worth! Each of the 8 rooms was dedicated to a different landmark in the history of ice cream – all of them bursting with wild imagination and childlike wonder. When they say it’s like living out a daydream, they’re not kidding!

This was my first time trying mochi, and I’m proud to say it’ll be one of those staples I keep in my house at all times.

It was a breeze walking through the museum, and I loved that you were able to go at your own pace. Well, except for the sprinkle pool, which is an experience I can only equate to the Hunger Games. A countdown ominously ticks in the corner as you fight for a spot that isn’t overtaken with oblivious adults, crying children or well, crazy girls tryin to get that perfect ‘gram (at all costs). Guess which one I was.

While this exhibit was only temporary, you can find a bunch of these installations + more in the San Francisco location! Tickets are $38 with specific time slots, and you will need to book your reservation early. On a scale of 1 to The Office, I’d recommend this a Jim playing pranks on Dwight level of fun. Don’t miss it!

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the same thing.” -Luciano Pavarotti