Storybook Weekend in the Cotswolds – Borrowing Britain

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing my photo diary of the Cotswolds – a place I’ve been dreaming of visiting since I was young and reading all those Beatrix Potter tales. The British countryside is exactly what I pictured and not far off from the illustrations I use to study of Peter Rabbit and even Alice in Wonderland. I loved exploring every inch of these quaint little towns and was reminded of how wonderful life can be with nothing but good company.

We first stopped in Bourton-on-the-Water, which quite literally brought me back to my childhood as the town came together for a rubber duckie race in the central pond. Doodle pups of every size found refuge in these very waters, and children were rewarded with ice cream cones from bicycle-drawn carts. I was pleased to find an antique shop with porcelain Staffordshire dogs – one of the very things I’ve started collecting after years of inspiration from my grandmother. We took our time moseying these quiet corners, and found joy in the local Christmas shop and candy store.

Next on our list was Upper Slaughter. Church bells chimed as we drove into this little village in the most quintessentially British scene I couldn’t make up if I tried. A wedding recessed on our right while a group of rowdy locals riding horseback passed on the left. Stout cottages with whitewashed brick and thatched roofs sat uniformly in rows along the bubbling river, each of them guarded by friendly iron gates. Designated walkways allow you to see every little bit, and the locals never seem to tire of sharing stories about their town. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, a troupe of dogs rushed past, leading us towards the most darling windmill.

We couldn’t go on a Cotswolds adventure without stopping by the lavender fields, and it turned out to be everything we dreamt it would. I had no idea there were so many varieties – Thumbelina, Miss Katherine, Little Lottie, Peter Pan. It was a sea of purple, rippling in the wind and in that moment, I was reminded how fortunate I was to be exploring this beautiful corner of the world. Children day-dreamed between the rows, and until an unfortunate bee incident, Alexis and I frolicked amongst them too.

So if you’re wondering whether the Cotswolds should be on your bucket list, the answer is most definitely YES. Though there were plenty of villages we didn’t explore, our day trip in the countryside was nothing short of magical.