Lazy Week Wandering Through Munich – Borrowing Britain

I arrived in Munich with one word on my mind – DETOX. I’ll tell ya, two straight weeks of nothing but pasta and schnitzel will have you feeling eternally full. Eternally exhausted too, but mostly full. I spent my first day exploring the German grocery store (literally all I did besides work, Pinterest and sleep) and my frosted flakes dinner was exactly what I needed. All this to say, Munich is unique in that it’s one of the few European cities where I can just immediately feel at home. It’s a place where I don’t feel bad about not getting out to explore every second because it’s just as nice to live like a local for a moment.

The next day, I felt rejuvenated enough to take on the more touristy bits like the Marientplatz, Hofbrauhaus and a nice little street called Residenzstraße. I had lunch at the darling Stereo Cafe which sits on the 2nd story of a men’s clothing shop, and I still can’t decide what I loved most about it. The white marble tables, the cappuccino and banana bread combo or the large French windows overlooking the cobbled street below.

My week in Munich was a bit different because I spent half of each day working (for a pretty cool wedding blog called Ruffled btw, so you should check it out if you haven’t heard of it yet!) So that was the extent of my 2nd day, though I did wander out to Koi for dinner where I actually had the best Japanese meal of my life. No joke!

By Day 3 I decided it would be a carnal sin to miss out on Oktoberfest while I was coincidentally traveling in Munich at the same time. Even after a quick round of research I realized I would need a traditional dirndl to get the whole experience, so I spent the morning in search of the perfect blouse and dress. It was a bit like that scene in Life Size, where Tyra Banks tries on a dozen different outfits before she finds the perfect one. But as soon as I looked in the mirror with the 7th piece, I knew. (Praying it’s this easy with a wedding dress one day!)

I had brunch at Mr. Pancake, which y’all, you have to try! These adorable pancakes come as thick as they do in America and are even topped with a US flag (LOVE), but they’re better than anything I’ve ever had back home. Complemented by “streaky bacon” as they call it in Europe, I poured the maple syrup over everything and experienced heavenly bliss!

My afternoon ended with a peaceful walk through the English Garden – Munich’s version of Central Park! My only regret is not spending more time in this quaint green escape. I can’t even begin to describe it’s magnitude, and it boasts everything from rippling brooks with ducklings floating wherever the water takes them, long stretches beneath leafy green canopies and a more vivacious corner where surfers can take turns battling the waves. Definitely save some time for a bike ride or wander through Munich’s best kept secret!

The last day was all about Oktoberfest! You can read all about the adventure here (as well as a bunch of tips I wish I knew beforehand), but in summary this day was one of my favorite memories in travel and in life if we’re being honest. I was in constant awe of the scale of this thing! Ten giant beer tents capable of holding 6k people and a carnival surrounding ALL of it – you could easily spend a few days here exploring every inch. I loved getting to experience the Bavarian traditions and was so glad I dressed the part! Two giant liters, a cheese board and salted pretzel later, you might have found me dancing on our table with everyone else… but that’s a secret I’ll never tell. It took me back to college days and I’ll definitely be coming back wth a group one day. Oktoberfest should be experienced with your best pals old and new, after all!

With that, I was off to Vienna for a weekend filled with museums, ballets and yes, more schnitzel!