Barcelona Fashion Week + Tapas for Days – Borrowing Britain

Well, opportunity called. I answered. If you’ve been wondering what the heck I do for a living, I work for a pretty amazing digital wedding publication called Ruffled. And sometimes, this means perks like freaking Devil Wears Prada! Sans dragon lady and drama. This year, we were invited to attend the Pronovias Spring 2019 Collection Fashion Show for Barcelona Fashion Week. Super cajj – NOT!

I’ll forever be so grateful for this opportunity, because not only did it mean a return back to Barcelona, it meant attending an over-the-top event featuring some gorgeous bridal gown designs that even the high profile Spanish socialites would admire with me. And also TAPAS!

Between the mingling + noshing for work-related activities, I was able to poke out around the city for a couple quick morning explorations. I discovered two new brunch places, Federal Cafe and Milk Bar, which you should totally take my word on. From the relaxed ambiance where canine patrons scramble beneath your feet to the egg, tomato, creme fraiche skillet, I found paradise in brunch.

More incredible brunch options here! You’re welcome.

Quite literally seconds after arriving at my hotel (the boutique Hotel Cram), I beelined back to Sensi Gourmet for an encore feast of chorizos, truffle ravioli, iberic shaved ham and a risotto. The latter of which I snuck back to the hotel for a midnight snack in fuzzy white bath robe and all. Again, this restaurant is the king of the crop, but you’ll need to make a ressie. Even I had to run to my next destination… a flamenco show!

Flamenco is a severely underrated art. There’s passion and intimacy and power all around. Speaking as a drama queen myself, if you’re a fan of theatrics, this kind of show is for you. I stood mesmerized as a lady in ruffled polka dots took the stage like a woman scorned, as her lover in all black clapped fierce circles around her. It was a lot to take in, but totally worth the experience. And the live band singing bold, Middle Eastern-esque tunes is simply magic!

I got an early (I mean early) start the next morning for my scheduled return visit to Park Guell – Gaudi’s ceramic tile wonderland. And my heaven on earth. I took more time during this self-guided tour. Basking in the vastness of it all. Memorizing the intricacy. There’s wonder to behold on every visit to this hilltop oasis, and not just in the bird’s eye view!

Little did I know, I would be in Barcelona on one of their biggest holidays: Sant Jordi. Basically our version of Valentine’s Day, it’s a celebration of a folktale about a girl, a boy and a slain dragon. At least this story knows no borders! To celebrate, couples, family members or friends will exchange gifts: a book for the men and a rose for the women. The streets were spilling over with people as if Beyonce had just announced a free concert.

I had every intention of participating in said tradition, but found myself poking into a charming interior design store instead. It reminded me quite a bit of Anthropologie with a mix of kitschy artwork, inspiring furniture and found items scattered about. Sigh…. I bought a tapestry. With full knowledge that this giant stick would not fit in my carry-on size bag, I still bought a tapestry. And that my friends, is when you know you have a problem.

Other Barcelona spots of note include Hotel Majestic for poolside rooftop sangria, GATS for paella and tapas in the Gothic Quarter, and Satan’s Cofee Corner because hey… don’t you wanna say you’ve been to Satan’s Coffee Corner?

The fashion show itself was like an 8th wonder of the world – a warehouse transformed entirely into a vibrant spring garden with enchantments throughout. A cherry blossom tree, a tranquil bridge, a bubbling stream and firefly blinks… I quite literally stood at the door with my mouth open. See some pretty cool pics of the show on Ruffled!

The weekend was over in the blink of an eye, but if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that Barcelona has me hook, line and sinker. From the passionate street performers to the fruity sangria, there’s a whole lot to love about this culture and its people. And I know I’ll be returning soon!

P.S. This wall is my new inspirational muse.