7 Best Flower Markets in London – Borrowing Britain

Where flora and fauna gather, I tend to follow. So simply put, I must have flowers, always. Fresh blooms ignite a fire in my soul. They remind me to appreciate the little things, embrace patience for beauty and quite literally smell the roses. Not to mention, they’re the perfect surprise for the people you love. It didn’t take me long to figure out my favorite flower markets in London. After all, they are the most colorful shopfronts you’re bound to pass! So next time you find yourself amidst dahlias and ranunculi, collect the fresh pretty and bring it on home.

1 | Wild at Heart
Famous for its iconic appearance, this is an absolute must-stop after you’ve finished a delightful Aussie brunch at the nearby Granger & Co. With a mossy facade, this stand-alone flower shop is decorated with bright botanics spilling out from the lips of galvanized tins and bud vases alike.

2 | Scarlet & Violet
I sure love all things kitschy, and Scarlet & Violet has no shortage of character. From its swan-shaped compotes and Queen Elizabeth clad vessels to its daily-plucked stems with variety for days, this is one flower shop you won’t regret meandering around.

3 | Columbia Road Flower Market
Open only on Sundays, Columbia Road Flower Market should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list, and once you experience the neverending avenue of green, you’ll understand why. Floral scents fill every molecule of air as you pass beneath canopies of banana leaves and striped awnings. Flowers are available by the boxload, and it’s a wonder I don’t take the whole market home on each visit.

4 | Wild Things
Mayfair has no shortage of loveliness, and when I first stumbled upon this petal-clad gem, I immediately felt transported to an Audrey Hepburn classic discovering the wonders of the world for the very first time. So I beg you, seek out where the Wild Things are 😉

5 | Rebel Rebel
If you’re looking to walk the streets of London with bunches of blooms significantly larger than your head, make your way to this delightful flower shop. Not to mention texture that will have you spinning with delight.

6 | Harper & Tom’s
Oh, how I adore this hidden kiosk overflowing with seasonal blooms from the English countryside. Foraged from the garden… just how I like it! I’ve gotten lost for hours creating custom bouquets from the host of stems available, and there’s truly no better way to pass the time. Except maybe at the cozy cafe sitting directly across, Kitchen & Pantry.

7 | Grace & Thorn
I first stumbled upon this floral dreamscape on a weekend visit to the famously eclectic Shoreditch part of East London. With potted plants and terrariums aplenty, this outpost is one of two G&T locations. As if their shop isn’t enough, they even offer workshops + wreath-making classes around Christmas!

So whatever your niche, London has a flower shop for you. I hope these 7 are a good start!